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Jerry Pounds
Jerry Pounds Construction

Jerry Pounds
Owner, Jerry Pounds Construction

Every once in a great while you will find a person who is passionate about being the best at what they do. With over 25 years’ experience building; Jerry Pounds is old school in values and cutting edge in using the best building techniques available today. Jerry will tell you he doesn’t build a house to code. He builds a house that far surpasses code requirements! Energy efficiency is the new buzz word but for Jerry Pounds Homes it’s been a standard for decades. Jerry believes in High Performance building and improving the quality and durability and comfort of homes being built today. He is always pushing the envelope to bring you quality homes and a terrific investment, always giving you more value for your investment dollar. A North Carolina native, with a degree in accounting and extended study in economics, Jerry is an Unlimited License General Contractor who can build anything from residential homes to commercial structures. He is not a tract builder and his lifetime reputation speaks for itself. People associate him with quality and honest dealing and as a local living in the same area you do; you’re likely to run into him at the grocery store or a local restaurant. Well-traveled, Jerry has brought architectural and design ideas back from places in the US, Europe, Mexico and Latin America. He is often heavily involved with the design and building of the homes, giving them a more personal quality. If you can’t find a home plan that suits you, Jerry Pounds can create one for you! When he’s not building he’s involved in Animal Rescue, horses, boating and travel. One way or another, Jerry’s passion in life is homes, whether building a new home for you or finding a new home for a needy animal. Jerry Pounds defines building and building defines Jerry Pounds.

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Shawn Ogni

Shawn Ogni

One man whose story represents the true American dream is Shawn Ogni, the president of  TRIMSTERS INC., a North Carolinian interior trim company. He has built his company into a successful business and takes the term “family run” to heart. Taking his experience to the next level, Shawn has started a home building company that takes pride in providing homebuyers with a variety of quality options to create their ultimate dream house.

Shawn Ogni was born in Providence, Rhode Island and moved to rural North Carolina at age 11. Shawn moved in with a foster family soon after moving to North Carolina and discovered a role model in his foster father. Shawn helped them restore a historic farm house, learning the value of hard work and beginning to develop the skills needed to begin his own company years later. Shawn Ogni graduated from Apex High School and furthered his career when he started an entry level job at Henry Wurst Corporation. The company provided quality printing, production and distribution of marketing materials and Shawn quickly worked his way up the ranks. After working there for several years he set his sights on bigger dreams and left the company to design his own.

Shawn created TRIMSTERS Inc. in 1997, an interior trim company for residential homes in the Raleigh area. He worked many long hours to make schedules and would take any job offered to establish his reputation of hard work in the community. It was during the startup of his company that he met and married the love of his life, Donna. Together they would take TRIMSTERS INC. to a new level and shape it into the business it is today.

Shawn has created his company to focus on exceptional customer service and to go above and beyond getting the job done. He has earned the respect of his employees and fellow peers for his exceptional character. Shawn uses his experience with customer service and knowledge of home building to create a buyer’s dream house. Analyzing various home plans based on square footage and layout, he offers buyers only the best from which to choose. This family run business leaves buyers with the knowledge that their opinions are being heard and they are not simply a quota to be filled. Each house is built with thought, time and dedication, as Shawn Ogni would have it no other way.

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Trimsters Inc. Plans - 1

Trimsters Inc. Plans - 2

Robert Liles

Robert Liles, President
Carolina Classic Construction Inc.

Robert is a lifelong resident of NC.  He and his wife Cindy of 33 years, have 2 daughters and live within 10 miles of Pecan Grove.  Roberts building background includes 10 years working for a commercial construction company and he has been building homes since 2001.  In 2006 he incorporated and became Carolina Classic Construction, Inc.  He is known for producing high quality homes and creating long lasting relationships with his homeowners. Robert feels the quality workmanship behind each tradesperson is crucial to reaching a final end product that is superior in every way.

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Allan Canady

Allan Canady
Allan Canady Builder, Inc.

Allan Canady Builder, Inc. was incorporated in February 1996. Allan Canady is the President of the company and has been involved in construction for over 35 years. His company is celebrating its 20th year anniversary this year as a custom home builder. He has enjoyed building for many satisfied clients in Johnston, Wake, and surrounding counties.  Allan is currently building and showcasing his signature stick built homes in Pecan Grove Subdivision in Johnston County and enjoys building today as much as he has throughout his many years in business. Select a home from his display book at the Pecan Grove Sales Center or let him help you design and plan your new home.

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Allan Canady Home Plans - 1

Allan Canady Home Plans - 2

Allan Canady Home Plans - 3

Allan Canady Home Plans - 4

Ashley Glover
Glover Design Build, LLC

J. Ashley Glover has been married to his beautiful wife for over eleven years and they have two adult children and two wonderful grandchildren together.  He has been in the construction industry for over 25 years being involved in all aspects of residential construction from making home repairs, to renovating and selling existing houses and currently building custom homes.  He prides himself in overseeing the design and construction of quality custom homes.  He would love to have the opportunity to partner with you to construct your forever home. Feel free to call him at 919-818-1842, email him at, or visit his offices at Glover Design Build, LLC, 4405 River Down Drive in Raleigh.

Ashley Glover Home Plans - 1

Ashley Glover Home Plans - 2

Ashley Glover Home Plans - 3

Gary Robinson Homes

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Allen Thornton Builder

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